How to Construct

Cross sectional diagram of GT Carbon Heating




How to Construct





① Thoroughly clean the bottom surface and install the heating insulation without any gaps.

     At this time, install the edge with 5 cm distance from the wall. Tape the joints of heat insulation.


② Arrange the GT Carbon Heating on the insulation at intervals of 50-150 mm and space them 5 cm apart from the edges of the insulation (with 10 cm distance from the wall).


③After wiring the GT Carbon Heating in series or parallel, the joints are thoroughly double-waterproofed with heat shrink tubing and butyl tape.


④ Connect the electricity to the thermostat to check if there is disconnection or whether it is operated properly.


⑤Inspect the installation interval of GT Carbon Heating, joints, connection of wires to check whether there is any abnormality.


⑥In the case of wide space or multiple use facilities, place mesh (iron mesh or drivit for floor) and mortar (at client's expense) at a thickness of about
    2.5~3.5 cm to maintain smoothness (3~3.5 cm for floor mortar, and maintain 2.5 cm or over in the case of hand plastering to minimize cracks)

* Plastering is not in the range of heating work


⑦ After a complete dry (3 to 5 days), connect the heat for at least one day to dry moisture within the mortar before installing finishing materials.



Connection of sleeves at the cut areas and heat shrink tube operation






※Double-waterproof finish with butyl tape is recommended after a heat shrink tube operation